Review by Bobby Green

Stoat are back again, this time to let us know that things didn’t quite turn out the way they hoped with this beautiful honest look at adult male life today. The single has a punkish reggae feel to it that gives the song an energy that draws you in and holds you down while you dismantle the bitter sweet lyrical journey Stoat are bringing you along.

“I never get to see my wife naked anymore.

We’re just partners in chores.”

As with all of the singles from the forthcoming album you don’t have to dig too deep to find the charm encapsulated within franticness of Stoats delivery. There’s layer upon layer of emotions within their songs, none more so than with “Try Not To Think About It”. It’s witty and charming, but in typical fashion the humour hides a disappointment that men sometimes feel unable to address.

It’s nice of you to offer sympathy

When I’m feeling sorry for myself –

But frankly I was hoping for advice

That might be a bit more practical.

But this isn’t a cry for help, it’s an insight into the norms of life for a lot of 30 / 40 somethings who are a bit confused about how things turned out. But as the song reminds us

‘Try Not To Think About It’

The album, also called Try Not To Think About It is out in a few months and can’t come soon enough for me. Because with album releases comes live shows, and Stoat are a band to be experienced. But until then the single “Try Not To Think About It” is out now.