Review by Bobby Green

Every question that has been asked of The Strypes so far in their already industrious career they have answered with great aplomb. Their debut EP’s and debut album were killers, but were they a fad, a flash in the pan? Then a glorious 2nd album with continuous live performances around the world putting some more established acts to shame with their attitude and energy. Yes, there were hints of it being a difficult 2nd album during the creation process, but the finished result was a polished sound of a band who knew what they wanted and where they wanted to go, and like nearly everyone I know, we all wanted to go there with them.

For us older fans, we’ve seen a few bands come and go, but The Strypes have always been the real deal. Their honesty and intent from day 1 has always been true. When you see them live you’re reminded of how exciting rock n roll can be, and with album number 3 on the way my friends and I are all excited about what are they going to sound like now. To be honest some of us are looking forward to album number 5 and 6 and there are multiple scenarios we’ve been playing around with.

But putting our imagination aside for a while there is a third Strypes album on the horizon and “Behind Closed Doors” is the lead single from it. As always they fail to disappoint, this has all the vibes of a 45rpm single, it’s close to perfect. With a late 70’s early 80’s post punk feel to it, you’ll be reminded of Secret Affair with a hint of The Vibrators, but overall you’ll be left with this stomping tune going round and around in your head. It has all The Strypes attitude and swagger you’d expect with a faultless vocal delivery. If this is a taster of ‘Spitting Image’, their next album, then look out anyone who stands in their way. They can move away from the shackles of being the next big thing and take their place among the bigger boys who could learn a thing or two from one of the most exciting bands on the planet right now.