Review by Bobby Green

One of the stand out albums of 2016 for me was Foundry Folk Songs by Sons of Southern Ulster, it was truly a remarkable album, timeless in its poetic delivery, perfectly crafting a world you were dragged through by the scruff of your neck and shown a side of life that may no longer exist. The true beauty of music in all its glory doesn’t just provide perfect emotional soundbites for fancy commercials, when done right it can also take you to places a lot more real than the exclusive club you’d never be invited to because you’ll look too much of a tosser using the product on display. Foundry Folk Songs was the perfect flip side to the gleam of product placement music, and was exactly what the alternative scene needed.

Now in 2017 The Sons of Southern Ulster are finally getting off their arses and doing some live gigs in Ireland as part of a documentary about the debut album and the drive behind guys their age putting out new music. They have now also become a 4 piece to include Noel Larkin on drums and Paddy Glackin on bass. They are be playing 3 dates in August and the set for the gigs will include two sections – firstly David Meagher (Guitar) and Justin Kelly (Vox) doing a six song intro with just the pair of them and a beatbox, and then after a short break the 4 piece kick in for a more rockier set.

The mini-tour will include three dates:

(1) World Academy of Music at UL – Lunchtime Thursday 3rd August,

(2) Bailieboro Arts and Culture Centre on Friday 4th August at 9PM, and

(3) Washerwoman Bar in Ballina/Killaloe Co. Tipperary on Saturday 5th (followed by a late nite Punk and Indie Vinyl disco….)

They are also currently working on EP “Paddy K’s Mescaline Diaries” to bridge the first and second album that should see the light of day soon (I Hope) but good things come to those who wait.