Review by Robert Green

It’s hard to describe the joy an album like Foundry Folk Songs brings. It reminds me why I fell in love with Alternative music. The bittersweet soap box drama unraveling across the poetic delivery drags the listener by the scruff of the neck into a world that probably no longer exists, written from the perspective of young men who “whiled away days, smoking fags, spinning yarns – the truth stretched so far – it formed a perfect snare.”

The album was produced by Daragh Dukes and recorded at various locations in Ireland and the USA. Vocals were recorded and engineered by Boston music stalwart, David Minehan (of the Neighborhoods), at his Wooly Mammoth Sound studio, not long before he headed off on a world tour as guitarist with the legendary Replacements.

The beauty of this album is that it could have been recorded any time over the last 35 years and still be relevant, it’s like I’ve rediscovered my favorite indie album and it still sounds as perfect as it did when I first heard it. Think A House crossed with Half Man Half Biscuit with a sprinkling of I ludicrous. They describe their sound as Cavan Spacefolk but I describe it is fucking blinding. These songs tell stories and everyone is a new chapter.

So sit back , crank up the volume and let the Sons of Sothern Ulster take you to a place that is both innocent and abrasive, where  the desire to get away is tempered by the threat of forced emigration, and the endless search for “lipstick on the collar” mostly ends up with “piss on your shoes!”

Foundry Folk Songs Is out now on Hanging Tree Records.