Review by Bobby Green.

I have to admit to not expecting something so beautiful from Dublin’s Call Girl for their second offering. Council Estate was a stomping Debut that had great hooks and a punch like Conor McGregor, you may not like the style but you can’t ignore the quality. For me it had everything, and was a perfect introduction to a new band, great tune, great name, great lyrics, wit and personality.

When The Night Is Over shows that Call Girl have a lot more to offer, there’s depth, warmth and a vulnerability about it but showing the same charm as their previous offering. Even though this is a complete flipside to Council Estate it’s so obviously the same coin. They seem to have a knack of writing about issues that are so instantly understandable without wrapping it up in sentimental bullshit by having honesty so relatable.

There’s so much charisma about Call girl, something a lot of new bands are lacking, and with ‘When The Night Is Over’ it’s just heightened my interest to see what they will do next. They’re a band you feel like you know, but isn’t that the job of a Call Girl… well a good one anyway.