Review by Bobby Green
I remember when I first heard The Straw GodsUnder A Sun’ it reminded me of Whiskey bars and dark familiar places. Their soulful take on the darker side of Blues / Rock was a beautiful introduction to their sound. ‘Carnivore’ is the perfect follow up to last years ‘Under A Sun’ and although they are moving towards the rock end of the spectrum these days, they wanted to make a point of recording some of their bluesier material, Carnivore and bonus track Above Her are very bluesy with their soulful edge cutting right through them like a caramel knife.
But their strut, sway and sultry vocals are still here and stronger than ever with Iron Lung and My Love Is All stomping around demanding daytime airplay. They are currently shopping material for their debut album and I think it’ll be on the rockier side of their sound they will be focusing on. I’m looking forward to hearing what they come up with when they have an album format to play with, because so far both EP’s have been great.
They will be launching Carnivore on the 4th of June in The Grand Social (8pm).