Monaghan trio Sun.Set.Ships released their EP Man.Must.Explore in September and are following up the release with several live dates including a Halloween Ball in Bello Bar on October 30th.

The 6 track EP is loaded up with space themed samples underpinned with clippy programmed drums. Sounding other worldly and atmospheric and taking inspiration from CHVRCHES the pop tinged tracks are ear wormy with electronic driven melodies. The band of Conor Bellew (vocals, keys), Ciaran Curley (vocals, lead guitar) and Ryan Mulligan (percussion, Ableton Live) combine electric guitars, analog and digital synthesizers with themes of home, family and romance.

Whatever they have in the water in Monaghan we could all do with a taste because Sun.Set.Ships have not just created a sound or a version of atmospheric pop music they are soundophiles combining real world clips into their music. All part of the story-telling process. Taking music making into art making territory. In the meantime we just came for the beats.

Sun.Set.Ships play Bello Bar October 30th and The Workman’s Club November 26th