Review By Bobby Green

The power of music can never be underestimated; I’ve had my heart ripped apart more times by music than any lover in my past. I’ve probably loved music more than some of my ex-lovers if I’m totally honest about it, and this is because some people are incapable of such boundless soul and emotion that music can ignite within a persons consciousness. It’s a gift if a person can do this, and these people, when they come into your lives should be treasured and loved.

When a stranger makes you feel this way with the power of their art it’s impossible not to feel a physical reaction when their art hits you right in the sweet spot and creates such pleasure and emotion that what you feel is beyond a single dimensional sense.  When music hits me my whole body reacts, with every god given sense of unadulterated glorious joy. That piece of music becomes my friend, my lover, my sister, my brother, it is my memory, my past, my present, my future.

Brian Deady is one of those artists that creates such emotions with his music. There’s a resonance within his voice that has more history than his own tender years. I was supposed to take photos at one of his performances once and it wasn’t until he had finished singing that I remembered why I was there. I was mesmerised by the diotic spell, paralysed by the power of music. His latest offering ‘Steppin’ Right Up’ has the exact opposite effect on me.  It’s impossible to stay still while this  gospelesque groove lifts you closer to whatever your saving grace may be. It’s the celebration your soul needs right now, it will hold you close enough to the sun to feel its warmth while showing you the moon and the stars at the same time.

I was brought up on the magical power of the 7inch single, for me it’s the holy grail of music. You have approximately 3 minutes to make your mark. Some songs have taken over the world, ‘Steppin’ Right Up’ will take over your soul.