Review by Bobby Green

There’s always snobbery in any genre of music, especially among fans of bands. I never quite got it but I understand it.

When a band comes along and you see or hear them before anyone else it’s like a badge of honour, a cloak of coolness. I won’t bore you with the list of bands I’ve seen in little venues and then followed them through their ups and downs but I have to say it is one of my greatest joys in life. Some bands make it, some bands don’t, but with the bands that make it you’ll always get a group of fans that then leave stating ‘They liked them when they were cool’

Well… the coolest band in Ireland right now are TabloidTv. These are some of the most joyous indie pop songs I’ve heard since hiding under my covers at night listening to the John Peel Radio Show. Always Hold On reminds me of why I got into music in the 1st place, it’s unashamed and beautiful in its delivery. If ever a piece of music deserves to be on 7inch vinyl it’s this, because the 7inch is the holy grail of music and Always Hold On should exist beyond the format of a download. TabloidTv are by far the coolest band in Ireland, they might not be making headlines but they are making bloody great music.