Cork legends The Frank & Walters have returned with their seventh album and a new outlook on life. “Songs for the Walking Wounded” released on FIFA Records is a culmination of the band’s 27 years together and the band celebrated its release last night, Friday April 15th, with an album launch in the Cork Opera House.

I’m currently working on a project on poetry where it was inquired “Do all poets write about their fathers?” The answer was an emphatic yes and Paul Linehan has used their most recent release to look at his own relationship with his father on the track “Father” as well as the exploration of the emotional scars we carry in the first single “We Are The Young Men” and “Stages”. The Franks have shown they are not afraid to experiment either. Firstly, with the use of synths throughout the album. But they have also experimented with form as they recruit fellow Cork-man Cillian Murphy for a monologue on “Stages”. “Fishes” sees the band embrace the pensive, self-reflective side of their personality.

Tracks like “Goddess Athena”, “Somewhere In The City” demonstrates The Franks indie-pop roots while Paul Linehan’s vocal hums with retrained emotion on “Spades” and “Riviera”. “Hanging on the Edge” positively shimmers and is nostalgic for the indie-pop of the 90’s while imbuing a sense of maturity. After everything that can happen in 27 years the band retains that sense of self while continuing to move forward.

While the Frank & Walters are looking at their past, examining their scars and reflecting on where life has led them “Songs for the Walking Wounded” as an album is definitely looking forward in these reflections.

The Frank & Walters will play Whelan’s, May 7th, before hitting the stage at Indiependence at the end of July.