Review: Bobby Green

If the Beatles hadn’t had met George Martin, beat up Norman ‘Normal’ Smith, and went in to the studio to record Please Please Me on their own with a bag of Purple Hearts and a crate of beer, the results wouldn’t have sounded too dissimilar to the Say You Love Me EP by The Pacifics. It’s just fucking beautiful.

Breakneck Garage R’n’B Rock n Roll played with passion, it doesn’t get much better when it’s done right, and The Pacifics hit the nail right on the head with their 2nd EP. If you can get your message across in around 2 mins then why bother with padding?

I’ve got no idea what their 1st EP sounds like but after hearing this I went to and ordered it.

I recommend you do the same, then go to and order the new EP.

This just may just be the best 7 inches you’ll have in your hands this year.