By Bobby Green

If I can’t quite put my finger on it, it inspires my curiosity. Sun.Set.Ships are a three-piece electronic indie group from Monaghan, Ireland. ‘Grandad Glasses’ will be the bands 4th self-released single. There’s no way this sits comfortably in any genre, and this makes it oh so beautiful. Written by the hand of guitarist/vocalist Ciaran Curley, ‘Grandad Glasses’ is a nostalgic exploration of friendship and unchanging relationships. Like many previous Sun.Set.Ships tracks, ‘Grandad Glasses’ is personal, honest and an ode to the characters surrounding the band, and like any music of any worth, write about what you know. Musically, the song developed from an acoustic guitar line with catchy vocals to an electronic wall of sound over two months spent in the SSS studio. Various synth-lines reimagined the possibilities of how the track might develop from a singer/songwriter style to something a bit more unique.

There’s an ever growing ‘Electronic’ scene growing in Ireland, nothing close to EDM, thank god, but more close to as a personal and emotional experience as you can get with electronics, and Sun.Set.Ships are amongst the bands further more closing the gap between man and machine with ‘Grandad Glasses,’ this is a beautiful single.

Sun.Set.Ships play the upstairs venue in Whelan’s on the release date, Friday 6th April, supporting regular gig partners FIELDS. Tickets are €10 and are available from the Whelan’s website. For further information about the Whelan’s gig, Sun.Set.Ships music and updates, check out the links below.