thom brookes ep coverThom Brookes has just released the lead single ‘Let Me Bend Your Ear Awhile’ from his self-recorded debut EP ‘Milk’. The song is about love, repentance and loss. Written, recorded and produced by Thom Brookes at his home.

Bradford born to a father teacher and librarian mother, it should come as no surprise that Thom Brookes’ early youth was spent surrounded by books. At 10 Thom read ‘Lord of the Rings’ (or most of it) and decided he wanted to be a writer. Discovering rock music at the age of 12, a new passion begun when the self-taught guitar and bass player formed a Nirvana cover band with friends. Teen years were spent trying to emulate Syd Barrett, obsessing over Bob Dylan and listening to The Doors.

Flash forward several years and several deep ruts, now married with a child, living a quiet life. Feeling unsettled, a decision was made to depart UK shores, leaving consumerism and over-crowding behind, and settle into a new quiet and remote life in a corner of County Kerry.