I am repeating every music journalist and blogger, including our own Robert Green, by making the observation that the amount of quality Irish music being produced is overwhelming. Even with all the music I have the privilege to listen to, be sent and write about I still feel like I’m behind because of the sheer volume. Discussions about quotas and radio airplay should seem a moot point when you begin to delve into the suggested albums below. In no particular order my favourite 30 albums of 2016, go explore, be inspired and create!

Altered Hours – In Heat Not Sorry

Magic Pockets – Volcano of the Bleeding Skies

Lisa O’Neill – Pothole in the Sky

Rusangano Family – Let The Dead Bury The Dead

Mmoths – Luneworks

Bleeding Heart Pigeons – Is

August Wells – Madness Is The Mercy

Ian Whitty – Cash Crop

windings – Be Honest And Fear Not

Jack O’Rourke – Dreamcatcher

The Frank & Walters – Songs for the Walking Wounded

Overhead, The Albatross – Learning to Growl

Ciaran Lavery – Let Bad In

Roisin Murphy – Take Her up to Monto

We Cut Corners – The Cadence of Others

exmagician – Scan The Blue

Enemies – Valuables

Lisa Hannigan – At Swim

James Vincent McMurrow – We Move

King Kong Company – King Kong Company

Brigid May Power – Brigid Mae Power

Mick Flannery – I Own You

September Girls – Age of Indignation

I Have A Tribe – Beneath a Yellow Moon

Ryan Vail – For Every Silence

Swords – Tidal Waves

Cathy Davey – New Forest

All Tvvins – IIVV

Solar Bears – Advancement

Katie Kim – Salt