Review by Bobby Green

Who remembers when Indie music was alternative? Not mainstream wannabees but a real alternative to the music you’d hear everywhere else. When did everyone decide they wanted to write anthems?

I just heard Stoat’s ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ and it’s by far the greatest thing I’ve heard this year. There is some amazing music about right now, but when something comes and belly flops into your pool of tranquillity like Stoat does you’re left scarred. Imagine Stump up all night listening to Devo albums then recording the results, and you’ll only be half way there. But they know their sound is hard to describe

“Categorisation has always been a bit of a problem. Our back catalogue features instrumentals, straight up folk, punk, spoken word pieces, and a fair bit of guitar-based pop. The new album is a little more danceable, but similarly diverse. Lyrically, there is a common theme through much of it, and that’s trying to figure out the best way of being alive without being sad or angry.”

And ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ does just that, I felt great joy upon hearing it the 1st time. Five listens in and I’m trying to learn the lyrics. I’ve posted it on every facebook music page I’m a member of and my Bobs Joint page. It makes me believe again in the true alternative. Don’t get me wrong, I love nearly all ‘Alternative’ and ‘Indie’ music but you need brass balls to make music like this because there’s no money in it, you’ll be doing it because you believe in it, and you can’t get more real than that.

“We’re one of those bands who never really got anywhere, and never will. That moment of realisation, when you see that you’re not going to be rich and famous, that’s when you’re supposed to break up. We never did. Reality sucked all the ambition away, but not the itch to try for great tunes, or the fun, or the love.”

‘We’re a band, not a brand’ says Cormac, who plays bass and did most of the heavy lifting on this recording.

‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ is out now. It’s from the forthcoming and highly anticipated album Try Not To Think About It. I’m already making it album of the month and I don’t even think we have that feature on the site…

Watch the video for ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ below