Almost as soon as Dublin synth pop, electro loving quartet Vann Music had produced music they had a following. The release of their debut EP “Electro Shock Dreams” in 2013 was quickly followed by bookings for festivals and sold out gigs. A modest Aaron Smyth puts this down to “good songs, a good work ethic and luck”. “We could have dropped it on another day of the week and it could have been missed so yes a certain amount of luck” he adds. But this is after he admits “we had a good bunch of songs that people liked. We sold out the Academy on the Back of “Electro Shock Dreams” because people liked it and wanted to check it out”.

Then last summer they released stand along single ‘Tina’ which was an enormous summer vibe hit and saw them play a ridiculous amount of festivals and perfect their stage craft. Once that craziness was over they took themselves home and started to write. “It’s hard to write when you are constantly touring. We had played a tonne of festivals and everything had moved on. ‘Tina’ was the final part of that so we started to write and see where the band was going”, explains Aaron.

They came out with 30 songs. “Then we scaled them down, and scaled them down”, he adds. Then producer Stephen Hague heard ‘Boy’ and ‘One Chance’ and said to the group “Let’s make a record”. Hague had worked with New Order and The Pet Shop Boys. But don’t let the band’s love of synths lead you to think it was a mutual love of the 80s that led to this collaboration. Aaron explains, “Stephen understands the structure of songs and had many hits before. But for us he was the best of both worlds. His work with New Order was where we wanted to go. Combining real instruments and electro and making a song go pop”.

So what can we expect from the new EP? “We were listening to a lot of The National, CHVRCHS and John Hopkins” admits Symth. “The first EP was an introduction to Vann Music the new EP is telling the truth. Being honest about where we are at the moment. This is our truth” he adds.

About what is in store for Vann Music in 2015. Well there’s the new single ‘Boy’ and EP “Running” both released March 6th with an official launch in The Button Factory March 7th. Then an Irish tour in March and April followed by dates in the UK, Canada and US. “We concentrated on Ireland before. This time around we will be putting energy outside of Ireland. Breaking new ground”. Then there will be some summer festivals. “We would love to play Glastonbury, just putting it out there”. There will also be a new album! End of the year I’m assured.

Aaron fills me in on what to expect from the album. “The single ‘Boy’ heralded Vann Music Part II. So the album will be about getting to the core of who we are and putting that in a song. There’s a battle of direction within oneself and it’s about getting through that. It’s an act of admission to yourself exactly who you are. And that can be scary, difficult and uncomfortable to face and write about but we’ll see where that takes us.
Lead single ‘Boy’ is available to stream on Soundcloud

before its official release March 6th.
You can pre-order “Running” now on iTunes before it is released in HMV March 6th. The Irish tour kicks off in The Button Factory March 7th. The rest of the dates for the tour are as follows.
07/3/15 – Button Factory, Dublin
12/3/15 – Roisin Dubh, Galway
13/3/15 – Shortts, Waterford
20/3/15 – McHughs, Belfast
27/3/15 – Cyprus Avenue, Cork
10/4/15 – Dolan’s Warehouse, Limerick