Review by Bobby Green

I have to confess that I’m a late arrival to Stoat, and for this I will always bear that burden of not being into one of the coolest bands Irelands alternative scene has ever produced from the start. I love getting in there early and watching a band grow, it’s one of my greatest joys. When I  first heard them last month I fell in love with the honesty of ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ and started to look up old clips of them on youtube just to get a feel of what these guys were like and I was honestly gutted that it was only now I had started to get to know their music.

They remind me of why I love alternative music, its raw honesty speaks directly to my heart and when something touches your heart in such a way it’s impossible not to fall in love.

Trampolina just happens to be probably Stoat’s  first ever love song and for me it sealed the deal as my new love affair with them is now well underway, it’s gloriously indie pop and unashamedly catchy. As with all their songs the attention to detail in the lyrics is a huge pull but the brass section in the chorus of this charming little ditty really does makes it a perfect love song. It’s totally different from ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ and that makes me want more.

The Album Try not to think about it is out later this year and it is all I’m thinking about right now. But until then ‘Trampolina’ and its great accompanying video, shot in one take, is out now to get you ready for the greatest comeback since Neil Prenderville stopped taking pain killers.

‘Trampolina’…. Out is out Now