Dark Synth-pop band Tanjier are back with new single ‘Cathedral Cloaked in Darkness’, released this February. Using personal circumstances of the unimaginable happening and finding inspiration in T.S. Eliot’s ‘Murder in the Cathedral’, as well as the valiant efforts of the Home Sweet Home campaign Tanjier have once again drawn on inner darkness to produce music that demonstrates a lightness of touch in its arrangement and production.


The beaty, morbid single looks at the search for redemption draws the band’s video series together. Tanjier for the past year have used their music videos to focus on mental health and ‘Cathedral Cloaked in Darkness’ connect themes and characters from this series. The single itself shows the evolution of the band and it’s hypnotic beauty draws you in willing or otherwise. With the introduction of strings behind main melodies on vocals, piano and percussion show a band that are growing and maturing and who not afraid of taking risks.


Watch the video for ‘Cathedral Cloaked in Darkness’ below