Simultaneous Vinyl Love for Repeal Events in 7 Cities of Ireland & UK

THIS Sunday April 22
Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, London, Sligo, Waterford

Vinyl Love is back! Following its first outing last year, Vinyl Love returns,  hosting a full day of DJs and vinyl lovers playing their favourite records simultaneously across Ireland and the UK in multiple locations on Sunday April 22nd


These events are put on to raise funds for the Together for Yes campaign and With the vote in the abortion referendum coming on May 25th, the campaign needs it now more than ever.  Vinyl Love events raised over €4k last year and we hope to at least match that this year.


Donation of €10/£10 suggested on the door – all funds raised go to Together For Yes.


Come and join us for a whole day of DJs, selectors and music lovers each playing 30 minutes of their favourite vinyl records from noon in a city near you!


#vinyllove4repeal Locations


  1. CORK: The Roundy

  2. DUBLIN: Lucky’s, Meath Street

  3. GALWAY: Electric Garden & Theatre

  4. LIMERICK: Ormston House

  5. LONDON: Lion Coffee + Records

  6. SLIGO: Tricky’s Mc Garrigles

  7. WATERFORD: Shortts Bar




The Roundy

Hosted by Stevie G &  ‪Aisling O’Riordain

Noon – 6pm
All vinyl sets from:
12:00 Lisa O’Flynn

12:30 Emma Kelly

13:00 Darren Keane

13:30 Sarah Buggy

14:00 Ruth Murphy

14:30 Aisling O’Riordain

15:00 Elaine Howley

15:30 Lisa Lemur

16:00 Kelly Doherty

16:30 Shane Johnson

17:00 Stevie G

17:30 Mike McGrath


Lucky’s, Meath Street

Hosted by Nialler9.

2pm – Midnight

All vinyl sets from:

14:00 Sally Cinnamon

14:30 Sarah-Jane Goff

15:00 Stephen Manning (Hidden Agenda)

15:30 Tarquin Riviera

16:00 R.Kitt

16:30 Kate Brennan Harding (Today FM)

17:00 T-Woc

17:30 Claire Maloney

18:00 Claire Beck

18:30 Kelly-Anne Byrne (Today FM)

19:00 A-leen

19:30 Siobhán Kane (YHRF)

20:00   Tim O’Donovan

20:30 Dennis Cassidy (The RAGE)

21:00 Ciara Brady

21:30 Sorca (Ships)

22:00 Emmet (Homebeat)

22:30 Aoife Nic Canna

23:00 Roy McGettigan

23:30 David Kitt


Electric Garden & Theatre, Hosted by Cyril Briscoe

4pm – 11pm

All vinyl sets from:

16:00 Mitch (Mitch Presents)

16:30 DJ Doolittle (Bierhaus / Loveless)

17:00 Dave Barry (Shuffle!)

17:30 OriGin Djs

18:00 Dunners (Brother Theresa)

18:30 Enda (Epoch)

19:00 Maedhbh Stakelum (Really Bad Mothers)

19:30 Paul Belton

20:00 Paddy Hogan

20:30 Lolz (Gash Collective)

21:00 Graham Dolan

21:30 Padraic & Keith (Disconauts)

22:00 Olive (Gigantic)

22:30 Anthony Collins (Hashtag / Mudderagawd)

Ormston House, hosted by Olivia Chau

From Noon – 5pm

All vinyl sets from:

Olivia Chau (DIE, DKTB)

Andrew O’Donoghue (Backwards)

John Real(Bad Reputation Ireland)

Did O’Dea (Backwards)

Brendan Miller (Zombie Picnic)

Ali Daly (DIE)

Niall Colgan (Vinyl Collector)

Michelle Walsh (Backwards)


Lion + Coffee Records, 118 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0QR, UK

Hosted by Josh Clarke and Video Blue

1pm  – 8pm

All vinyl sets from:

13:00 TBC…

13:30 Karen Healy (Pondering Media)

14:00 Tech Nicholson (Netil Radio)

14:30 Molly King (Other Voices)

15:00  Dave Phelan

15:30 Jim O’Donoghue Martin (Video Blue)

16:00 Isis O’Regan (Room For Rebellion)

16:30 Josh Clarke (Hackney Irish social club)

17:00  Emma Dabiri

17:30  Liam Casey (Pacific Social Club)

18:00  Swimmers Jackson (The Irish Jam – Wandsworth Radio)

18:30  Hannah Little (London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign)

19:00  Aoife Power (whenyoung)

19:30  Mairead Luv (Luvluvluv Records / Lion Coffee + Records)


Tricky’s Mc Garrigles

Hosted by Turn It On

Times 2-8pm

All vinyl sets from

14:00 Simon Hunt (Rising Tide)

14:20 Edel Doherty (Art for Blind)

14:40 Ruth Clinton

15:00 Tara McGowan

15:20 Janet McGowan

15:40 John G

16:00 Nigel Gallagher

15:20 Sarah Townsend

15:40 DJ PC

17:00 DJ Sweetcup

17:30 DJ Fuzzzrock

18:00 Zoe Dunne

18:30 Brian McCann

19:00 Karen Spellman

19:30 Nooneboy


Mojo Lounge (Rooftop Bar),
hosted by Labyrinth management & events


All vinyl sets from:

Daria Krajewska, Kiva Oates (Phever), Conor Corcoran (Fiveseven), Darren Daz Dalton (Get Down Edits), Hannah O Sullivan, Harry O’Neill, Geraldine Fahey (Saturday Social Dublin), Lisa Shanahan, Eddie Galavan (Seems Legit /Dublin Digital Radio), Darragh McDonald (Backroad Smokers Club), Thomas Donoghue (Harbouring Oceans), Jacqui Kelleher, Evan Boyle (Footnotes), Darragh Pheasy (Footnotes)


CORK: The Roundy //

DUBLIN: Lucky’s, Meath Street //

GALWAY: Electric Garden & Theatre //

LIMERICK: Ormston House

LONDON: Lion Coffee + Records /

SLIGO: Tricky’s Mc Garrigles

WATERFORD: Shortts Bar //