Review By Bobby Green

It’s hard to describe just how fantastic Touts are right now. Last year they kicked down the doors they were hiding behind with their debut Single ‘Sold Out’ and quite frankly blew everyone away with their live performances and ability to transfer that energy to the recording studio.

I remember when the 7inch single was king. We used to put the needle on, wait for the crackle and then be launched into orbit with the rocket fuel that came from that magical piece of black spinning plastic. It’s been a while since I felt like that about a band but Alseep may have just awoken those desires to play a song over and over and over again until I can sing the lyrics and air guitar the fuck out of it.

Asleep makes you feel angry and proud and euphoric and alive, it’s a glorious stomp through the minds of Touts who have been busy supporting Liam Gallagher, Kasabian and Paul Weller building a following that could have been built anywhere, with quality so obvious it’s hard to ignore.

With festival season fast approaching, anyone who hasn’t heard of these Derry lads soon will. It’ll be a wakeup call they’ll never forget.