Fresh off the plane after performing at the music industry event SXSW in Texas Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre of Saint Sister have released a video for the track “Blood Moon”.

“Blood Moon” is from their debut EP “Madrid” and the atmosfolk duo have been displaying how they have become one of Ireland’s rising stars with a series of shows and appearances demonstrating their harp-folk style. The video featuring Meabh Parr & Emma White and directed and produced by Myrid Carten & Aphra Lee Hill sees the journey of two young girls in rural Ireland. Shot in what looks like Kerry the girls explore the boundaries of friendship and their own burgeoning sexuality. The story is told using the stunning backdrop, dance, fairy tales and elements of mysticism.

Currently, Saint Sister are in Kerry recording their second EP with Alex Ryan and I personally cannot wait to hear what they have come up with next.