The Whereabouts are a young four piece Rock and Roll band from Kingscourt, Co. Cavan. So far, so very The Strypes. But when I get to chat to lead singer Wayne Watters Reilly ahead of their appearance at Sea Sessions on June 21st I find out The Whereabouts are a different beast altogether.
“Ya, we’ve been compared to The Strypes from the start being a young band, with four lads from Cavan. But it’s like comparing The Who and The Beatles. We play Rock and Roll but we’re completely different”, explains Wayne.
How did they come together? “It’s mad really”, says Wayne. “We all started playing together at 13. Playing ACDC, Guns n Roses and we wanted to be famous Rock stars. Dara our drummer couldn’t even play at the start. But he learned over time, we all did, we all developed as we played”, he explains. Two weeks after they formed they played their first gig and have been playing pubs, clubs and festivals since.
What inspires them? “We listen to alot of 50s/60s bands like Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis and early Rolling Stones. But we don’t want to be a 50s/60s tribute band so with writing the album we’ve been listening a lot of different music. So there’s elements of punk, Ska and even Jazz. We’re trying to squeeze as many different elements into our writing as possible. I’ve been listening to a lot of Indie music lately like the Fratellis, Jack White, the Black Keys and The White Stripes. It’s opened us up to a new way of writing. Rock and Roll is based on three chords so it’s nice to bring in other elements and genres. For instance, The Ramones are a big influence. Not that the music sounds Punk but they fit so much in two and a half minutes. So in writing new material for the album we’ve incorporated this. The new songs are fast and hard driven”, Wayne says.
The band’s latest release “Money and Fame” came out in March and while there is no denying The Beatles reference in it you also find this hard driven element in the song. Can we expect this sort of thing on the new album? “’Money and Fame’ is not a predictable song. It has the Rock and Roll vibe then you have this Beatles chorus which is melodic with lots of harmonies. So ya, there will be more of that on the album”, he adds. The album “I Don’t Care” will have 12 tracks and should be out the start of next year. In the meantime, those of you heading to Sea Sessions this weekend should check out the lads on their Sunday slot. After that they are supporting Counting Crows June 24th, and have appearances at Waterford’s Daytripper and Mitchlestown’s Indiependence.
“Sea Sessions has an amazing line-up so we’re excited about that! We have more festivals the summer, some I can’t talk about just yet. It’s great to get the opportunity. We never expected the band to get where it is. We kinda just formed and were jamming and it just came together. Madness really, it moved so fast we never got the chance to think about how we were going to play to an audience of 10,000. You get one chance, so just get out there and do it”, says Wayne.
What has he been listening to today? “I’ve actually been listening to Ida Maria. She had that song a few years ago, ‘I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked’. It’s kind of Indie, actually I don’t know what it is but it’s brilliant!”
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The Whereabouts play Sunday, June 21st at Sea Sessions this weekend. Then they will be supporting Counting Crows June 24th, Royal Hospital Kilmainham. Their next appearance is Daytripper in Waterford in July and Indiependence the August Bank Holiday weekend.