Review by Bobby Green
This truly beautiful double header from Windings left me feeling unsettled but ever so immensely encapsulated. Very few artists have the ability to stop you in your tracks and demand your attention with just the shear intensity of their sound but Windings had me replay Stray Dogs / Helicopters a few times before I was anywhere near taking it all in.
Compared to 2012’s I am not the Crow, Windings have laid their sound out naked and raw with an atmospheric soundscape that doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but if you want flowers and unicorns you wouldn’t be listening to Windings anyway. If this is the sound of what’s coming with their forthcoming album Be Honest and Fear Not then I suggest you book a few days off work before you buy it, you might not be able to understand the world outside of Windings after you’ve heard it.
Stray Dogs / Helicopters is out now and it’s free.