I skyped Alan Milligan otherwise known as Yelpy several months ago and in the background all I could see was Californian sunshine. Since then we’ve followed each other back and forth while I wait for the release of his new Video “Feel It” and in those few months it’s been a string of red carpet events and being in Malibu with his guitar. I don’t hate him at all.
“Ya, I like to be hot”, is his response to my green eyes. Having been in LA for five years (for two he tried his hand at acting) Alan has seen a lot of what the scene is like over there. “I played with my sisters for awhile back home but always wrote acoustic guitar stuff myself. I always said I would love to go to the US with my guitar on my own and play bars. Then the band broke up so it happened”, he says. “LA is certainly different. They are a bit of a crazy people here. And yet when you play here because “Everyone” is amazingly talented in LA you have to be better because they will notice that bum note”, he adds. He’s played all the famous places including the Viper Room (it’s smaller than Whelan’s), The Roxy, House of Blues and Go Go. One thing about LA, It’s hard not to bump into celebrities. “I bumped in Angelina Jolie in a store, (she loved that I was Irish) and met Steve Tyler while having dinner (he’s incredibly nice). Second thing about LA is that things can happen that couldn’t happen in Ireland. Like the fact the guy who made the Ironman costume made his spaceman suit for the video to another single “Shine”.
Having already made three videos for his songs the next step is an EP which should be out before the end of the year. The three songs that will feature on it will be “Feel It” (already rising up the charts in the States), “Shine” (originally written for a movie called “Borders”) and “Stranger”. What is the theme of the EP? “Women”, Alan laughs. The last thing I listened to before talking to you was Hozier’s “Someone New” and that’s the story of my life”, he adds. “With “Feel It” it’s about meeting a girl, the perfect girl for you. It has a melancholic undertone because she’s not really into you. “Shine” is about me and where I am in my life and “Stranger” has been inspired by a certain Mr David Gray it’s just a lovely love song”, he says. So who does inspire Mr Yelpy? “I love Sting! Actually the idea of Yelpy came from Sting, that idea of having a title, a separation between the man and the music. I love David Gray, obviously. I’m also keeping an eye on new Irish acts, I love hearing them over here. Heard Kodaline on the radio in Starbucks the other day and that was cool! Also, Hozier, Bell X 1, and Glen Hansard. I also listen to Muse and Ed Sheeran alot.”
Does he miss Ireland? “Only the people! I’ve been to quite a few places but you can’t put a price on it, that sarcasm/jokey way of the Irish” Alan replies.
Yelpy’s “Feel It” music video will be officially released October 1st and it features Faye Vivana’s first return to dance after a life changing injury forced her to retire at a young age. Faye, a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, was told by doctors she would never dance again. But Faye’s courage, determination and her unflinching love for her art will see her dance once again. Read more about the story here http://yelpy.net/faye.html
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