Review by Bobby Green

As the Irish summer of 2018 blazes on with no sign of stopping the blurry hazy memories in years to come will be triggered by whatever our personal soundtrack to this years unforgettable summer is. There’s been some fantastic music so far and again I can’t think of anything coming close to the talent coming from the music scene here in Ireland. It’s not just a few bands leading the charge against the world but right across the genres we have an abundance of talent gloriously entertaining music lovers of all tastes. A perfect example of this is the debut single from Andrew Martin’s, diverse musical project ‘Zola Daze’ and it’s debut single ‘Sun Bleached

Mystical, textured, yet boot-stompingly fun, it fuses the world of rock psychedelia with oriental melodies, while being curiously steeped in the dramatic mountain scenery of the south of Ireland. It’s a project that begs and rewards repeated listening, as Andrew sashays through multiple personas to provide an unpredictable musical voyage.

It’s the type of tune that makes the world revolve around you in slow motion while you enjoy the bliss of simply being in the warm moment of now, with the sun kissing your skin and warm air caressing your soul while this diotic experience is grabbing your senses and reminding you how wonderful it is to be alive.

Like most Irish summers ‘Sun Bleached’ is over far too soon, but as the summer of 2018 seems to go on longer than expected I find myself becoming ‘Sun Bleached’ over and over again as the repeat button is pressed again, and again and again.

Sun Bleached by Zola Daze is out now.