In the late 90s, Zoo 2 staged a tribute production to U2’s ZOO TV show, using multiple screens and recreated video footage, the large stadium experience was brought to the small stage successfully delivering the audio-visual experience with perfection.


This show ran for a number of years, visiting the then, Point Depot, Millstreet – Green Glens, Waterfront Belfast and nearly every county in Ireland.


In the early 2005 ZOO 2 moved to USA where they have spent the last decade wooing American audiences with their passionate recreation of the U2 concert experience.


Recently ZOO 2 returned to this side of the Atlantic and have been performing at festivals across Europe where International feedback has been fantastic with audiences revelling in the excitement of the new show.


ZOO 2 like U2 are proud to be Irish. 4 humble guys who strive for perfection.


ZOO 2 are back…they play The Cork Opera House September 30. Show starts 8pm and tickets are €25 + booking fee