After initially releasing 3 singles Comac O’Caoimh has followed up a successful couple of months with new album “SWIM CRAWL WALK RUN” and it has us dreaming of far away places.

All three singles were playlisted on RTE Radio 1 and the album has struck a chord with reviewers abroad and it’s not hard to see why. The album would not be out of place in a Parisian cafe, with it’s laid back vibe, guest appearance of accordion and use of percussion.

Single “I’m in Need” closely fits this description while “When My Kids Grow Too Old to Hold Hands” injects a poppiness that I can only describe as distinctly French. There is a bonus Caribbean feel added to single “Swim Crawl Walk Run Ride Drive Fly”. “SWIM CRAWL WALK RUN” also has an interesting underlining Americana feel thanks to some clever guitar styling. The album covers alot of ground thematically but listening to “SWIM CRAWL WALK RUN” you can hear the fun had in production with flourishes included on some tracks,and just like Easter Eggs you will have to go find them for yourself.

Maybe it’s lockdown, maybe I just need a holiday, but maybe you just need to listen to this album today, in the sun, with a glass of whatever is your preference.