Review by Bobby Green

As we ease into 2019, some of us limping, some of us with a spring in our step there is always an element of the blues that comes with January. But if the blues is where you live then pour yourself a whiskey and let David King ease you into 2019.

I remember in February 2015 when I 1st heard David King I recall loving Ruirteach Blues but not thinking it was strictly a blues album, there were hints of 60’s / 70’s Kinks and some truly beautiful arraignments. As a singer / songwriter he was impressive and when he delivered the blues they were always delta dirty and you could tell that’s where his heart was most satisfied.

Custodian is his new album and it’s so blue you’ll be slippin on the swamp funk on your way to pour yourself another bourbon as you enjoy one of the finest blues albums produced in a long time. These tunes were born to stomp and are glorious in their honesty to the original art form. Davids voice growls with so much history regenerating a love of the blues his soul has absorbed over the years, and there’s no doubt this Dublin native hasn’t yet sold his soul because some of the tracks on the album are from such a divine point of view that salvation seams never far away.

I’m a million miles away from a purest, you should hear me DJ, but to hear an album so dedicated to the blues is so wonderfully refreshing. Every tune is soaked in the type of personality you’d only find in places your mumma warned you not to go. The blues is the type of music you have to submerge yourself in, it can never be background, filler or mood music, it commands your beating heart to listen, and with Custodian David King has produced 11 songs so pure and intoxicating that you’d be scared to drive home afterwards in case you got pulled over.

Like any true blues man you’ll find David King playing away in the bars and blues clubs, no hype or backing tracks, just one man and his stories translated through some of the most sublime blues guitar playing I’ve ever heard. Like any music worth anything to hear it live is the true test of the craftsmanship, and with a craftsman as good as Mr King you really are treated to an experience any purist or blues tourist would be blessed to be a part of.

Custodian is out now, check out HERE for live dates…