Limerick rap artist MuRli and vocalist from Rusangano Family released the defiant “Till the Wheels Fall Off” June 5th and it is a powerful track demanding we all stand together against racism.

“You can’t hide forever.” At some point you’ll need to stand for something he says.

Speaking just after the death of George Floyd MuRli says he wrote this single “in February after another episode of football racism, where a footballer the Portuguese league walked off the pitch after incessant racist abuse throughout the match. Watching all of that unfold I was broken, baffled and full of questions. The only thing I could do then, was to channel all I was feeling into my art. This song is a small part of it. After the events of the last few days, I felt I should share it with the world.”

MuRli’s influence in Rusangano Family becomes clear when you hear the looped sample under the vocal line and the same approach to tackling hard issues with a touch of humour in the lyrics. That is not to say he backs away from them, far from it, rather it is used as an aid to vent his frustration and anger. MuRli has been an active collaborator in recent years yet with “Till the Wheels Fall Off” we get a good insight into what he is capable of as a solo artist.

You can find “Till the Wheels Falls off” on Bandcamp with all sales going to the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland.