Audio Nerve came together in Kilkenny in about 2018 around the songwriting of Eamonn Rhatigan, who along with Alan Rhatigan and Brian Hennessy began rehearsing Eamonn’s songs. A chance encounter led to Martin Bridgeman (who played with Eamonn in The Wooden Dolls a few years back) joining on drums and things moved up a gear. Rehearsals took off and a setlist appeared. A full set of songs emerged and a list was whittled down to the four made ready for the EP. Recording took place in Broderick’s Studios in Kilkenny (engineering and mixing by Ferdia Bridgeman). Mastering took place in Carlow with David Ayers. Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny came on board and have released it on their in house label. All local!

The launch of the EP will take place in Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny on Friday, October 11th.

These are songs that look at life from different angles. Lead single “Star” is a driving, short, snappy track with lyrics that look underneath the sheen of the capital city at the turn of the millennium. “Together Alone” is a sly look along the bar and a cast of characters that would not look out of place in a Charles Bukowski barfly piece. “Shine” reminds that no matter how low you get, no matter how desperate and dark your situation is, there are people who will shine a light for you. “Music for Lovers” offers a twist: Boy meets girl. They have a good time. In the end things don’t work out work. Boy and girl go their separate ways. But hey! Boy and girl had a really good time.

The EP will be released on the Rollercoaster Record label and will be available from October 11th at the launch gig, in good record shops and online at BandCamp.

Engineered & mixed at Broderick’s Recording Studios, Kilkenny by Ferdia Bridgeman. Mastered in Carlow by David Ayers