Pretty Happy are a scintillating three-piece act from Cork known for their dynamic live performances and electric eccentricities. Made up of Abbey Blake (Guitar), Arann Blake (Vocals, Bass Guitar) and Andy Killian (Drums), the trio have established themselves as one of the most exciting acts on the Cork music scene. Their sound is a fusion of hard-hitting punk brattiness with exciting, groove-inducing melodies that stun and stimulate in equal parts.

Following up the release of their debut EP Ego, No Ego in 2019, Pretty Happy are opening 2020 the way they mean to continue – loudly. The Ramones tinged single “Schmuck” is a punky, driven song. Set against a background of melodic screaming guitars and shattering vocals the raw emotion of the lyrics captures a snapshot of a world in chaos.  “I’m screaming but you can’t hear me” declares Abbey. “Schmuck” captures the horror of witnessing the world turned upside down and feeling helpless to do anything about it. Like screaming into a void terrified that others will accept it as normality. 

The members of Pretty Happy are passionate about their local arts scene. Guitarist Abbey is founder of Angry Mom Collective, a movement set up to battle the gender divide in Irish arts. All members are also keenly involved in drama and film which clearly bleeds through to their eccentric live performances.

Pretty Happy have spent the past year busy with a heavy gigging and festival schedule. Highlights include supporting Bitch Falcon and Otherkin and taking to the stage at Indiependence Music and Arts Festival. They open 2020 supporting God Alone as part of Quarter Block Party on February 8.

 “Schmuck” is out now

Catch Pretty Happy for Quarter Block Party on February 8 in Spailpín Fánach