Review by Gill McGee

On a gloomy wet Sunday morning I decided to really listen to Cork based musician Jack O’Rourke’s new single ‘Ivory Tower’. This is the first release from his upcoming EP of the same name – and well it’s just the kinda tonic you need on days like that.

Leaning heavily towards pure pop, synth, beats, and a bit of hip shaking it’s full of lovely optimism, breaking down barriers and romance. Most of all it’s about being yourself and thriving for that, and well if ever someone lived by their words Jack O’Rourke does.

This single shows us he’s really embodied his own voice and soaring with it. Jack O’Rourke’s velvet tones shine through here – just perfect for painting pictures and there’s some beautiful dreamy harmonies too.

It’s a wonderfully put together piece of catchy joy showing that Jack can move through any genre he fancies with pure ease. Jack’s a class act and this single show it. Can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.

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