She has sold over forty million albums across her career to date, made two of the best-selling albums in British chart history and her smash hit No Angel remains the top-selling debut by a British female artist worldwide. This summer, Dido will take to the stage Live at the Marquee Cork on 10th June 2020. Tickets go on sale this Thursday 5th December at 9am from Ticketmaster.

Dido’s titanic success swept her away. It started when she was a backing singer with her brother Rollo’s band Faithless. She toured in support of their 1996 debut album all the way through to the release of her own debut in 1998. No Angel’s success was slow burning, growing and growing to eventually become the bestselling album of 2001. All that time Dido was on the road, through the phenomenal Life For Rent in 2003, all the way to performing to a TV audience of billions at Live8 in 2005.

After nine years of touring she stopped to catch up with her own life.

Safe Trip Home was released in 2008, with a more acoustic and orchestral ambience, but Dido decided not to go back on tour to promote it. She got married that same year and a son, Stanley, was born in 2011. Dido went on to release one more album, Girl Who Got Away, in 2013, but once again opted not to take it on the road.

Dido’s return has been as much of a surprise to her as to her fans. Her most recent album Still On My Mind is only Dido’s fifth album in 20 years and it is right up there with her best work. “I wanted to capture the feeling I still get from listening to music,” she explains. “Just that rush, like you just don’t need anything more than this. I’ve lived a life which is just music. I hear melodies in my head. Music is comfort, it is excitement, it’s everything, and it is always there for me.”

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