A second report looking a gender disparity on Irish Radio have been published. The report examined figures relating to the number of womxn played on Irish radio from July 2020 to December 2020. This is the second report focusing on this subject. The original report focused on the period between June 2019-2020..

The report published at the end of January not only made findings but also compared it’s results to the original report.

The current Gender Disparity Data Report Irish Radio June 2020- Dec 2020 found that in the second half of 2020 of the 27 stations that took part 1 station (RTÉ Radio 1) increased it’s gender ratio to 60 percent in favour of womxn performers. It also found that 1 station (Tipp FM) actually dropped the number of womxn played in it’s Top 20 to 0 percent. Changes in playlisting varied between zero change and 40 percent.

Of the 27 stations surveyed 10 stations increased the number of womxn in their Top 20 by 5 percent while 5 stations increased this by 10 percent. Overall 4 stations made zero changes to the percent womxn played.

The report also found that male artists continued to dominate Irish airwaves in the second of of last year with 85% male artists in rotation in the Top 100 compared to 11% womxn and 4% collaborations.

The report was compiled by Linda Coogan Byrne of the Why Not Her? Collective. These were just some of the findngs, to read the full report go to www.whynother.net.

Below is the breakdown of stations, the percent movement in their playlisting and current percent womxn featured on each station.

Up 5 percent in last 6 months Red Fm (10%), Galway Bay FM (20%), Clare FM (10%), Corks96FM (10%), KCLR (10%), KFM (10%), Radio Kerry (10%), South East Radio (5%), Midwest Radio (25%), Shannonside (10%)

Up by 10 percent is Today FM(15%), RTÉ Radio 1 (60%), FM104 (10%), Live 95 (15%), Midlands Radio (15%)

Up by 15 percent in the last 6 months 98FM (25%),

Up 20 percent LMFM (20%)

Up 25 percent WLRFM (25%)

Up by 30 percent is 2FM (40%), Beat 102-103 (35%)

Up 35 percent Spin South (40%)

Up by 40 percent Spin 1038 (45%)

No Change iRadio (15%), Highland Radio (10%), C103 (5%), East Coast FM (5%)

Down 5 percent Tipp FM (0%)