Steeped in dissonance, chromatics and missed connections August Wells returns with new single and title track ‘No More Operators’ out September 18 as the Irish/ New York group get ready to release their third album on October 16, No More Operators.

I don’t know which came first

Being crazy

Or Being alone

With one of the most recognisable voices in Irish music, Ken Griffin’s baritone is the perfect delivery for lyrics that bring a poignant touch to the tragic, sung from the edges of a twisted life, joined by John Rauchenberger’s complimenting piano pushing the music forward. It evokes a scene reminiscent of a jazz era speakeasy, clinks a glass with yours and toasts the outsider, the misfit and those down on their luck.

August Wells embraces the story of the individual and makes it speak universally writing music that speaks of the fragility of the human condition all the while providing an uplifting swing and groove.

The music of August Wells has been described as “Strange other worldly chamber music”, “Sinatra singing Lou Reed songs” and “The secret marriage of Willy Nelson and Lee Hazlewood”. Songs to walk across your troubled heart with.

August Wells is a musical project created by Ken Griffin and John Rauchenberger in New York. Griffin is the former creative mind behind the groups, Rollerskate Skinny, Kid Silver and Favourite Sons. John Rauchenberger, a New York pianist who has played with among others, The Favourite Sons, Maggie Estep and Daniel Carter.

Previous releases include 2014’s debut album A Living and a Dying Game following in 2016 by Madness is the Mercy and a slew of singles that captured the zeitgeist including ‘Here in the Wild’, ‘Come on in out of that Night’, ‘She Was A Question’, ‘Go To Work’, and ‘A Little Too Real’.

The single ‘No More Operators’ is out September 18 followed by the latest album No More Operators on October 16, 2020. You can stream, download and buy the single here: