Often, when we’re in a bar or a casino, or really any kind of event where we’re focused on something, it’s easy to miss what’s going on in the background. Casinos, in particular, make very good use of music in their venues and through online casino options in Ireland to achieve a number of different effects. Of course, we should say up top that the main reason casinos use music is simply to create a pleasant atmosphere in which to play—almost everything like this is made a little less dull with even some ambient music in the background. 

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That said, there are also a number of other reasons casinos utilise music in their venues—some more cynical than others. In any case, read on to find out more about this. 

So, other than simply creating a more calming environment in the same way that a supermarket might use ambient music or noises, one of the simplest ways that casinos create atmosphere with music is by playing noises for wins and losses. This might seem different than the actual music that is coming through the speakers, but it nonetheless contributes to the atmosphere. Hearing someone else making a winning is the most obvious way—this, naturally, will encourage you to try a game for yourself. 

At the same time, hearing music indicating a loss also contributes to this atmosphere—it gives you the sense that you are at risk here, that there are stakes to be won and it’s not just fun and games. It can make you feel even more determined not to lose yourself. 

Generally speaking, though, when people ask why and how casinos use music for atmosphere, they are referring to one particular use of music. Indeed, supermarkets and shopping centres do the same thing. By playing ambient music, these establishments have long believed that it keeps you from becoming distracted. In the case of the casino, this means that the music will keep you playing—it will keep you from realising how long you’ve been playing. 

If the music has a very high tempo, and is less ambient, this too can make people want to gamble more. A general sense of urgency is one often used by casinos to convince people to continue gambling, and it has been shown many times that it is an effective method. High tempo music can achieve this without the person even realising. And it works both ways, too—if you’re losing it can make you want to chase those losses, and if you’re winning it can make you want to double down. 

However, we shouldn’t be too cynical about all this. As I said, the simple way that casinos create atmosphere with music is simply by reducing your focus on white noise, and letting you focus more clearly on what you’re doing. Though the rest of the noises of the casino aren’t quieter as a result of the music, they do become a lot more lost in the ocean of noise. 

So, though we do tend to look on casino tactics with a cynical eye, the fact is that most business employ similar tactics to keep you spending. The use of ‘muzak’, or elevator music, is a very old tradition in the world of business and has been shown to keep people engaged in what they’re doing. 

Nonetheless, though, casinos that didn’t use any music would likely be less enjoyable environments to be in. We all love listening to music, however ambient, while we have fun.