Launched in 2011 Guerrilla Studios has been a hub in the independent Irish music scene. With the onset of Covid-19 lockdown they have initiated a new online alternative music show Live From Guerrilla Studios coming to your home from Dublin.

Live From Guerrilla Studios will feature performances and interviews with acts from Ireland’s thriving alternative music scene. Between performances, audiences can support the artists via The Merch Stand, run by Moojoo The Merch Monkey.

Created by John ‘Spud’ Murphy of Percolator and DJ and presenter Ray Wingnut they will be joined by journalist Zara Hedderman for the premiere live stream on July 9th.

Live From Guerrilla Studios launches on Thursday, July 9th from 10pm. Episode one will feature The Bonk, John Francis Flynn and Vicky Langan and can be viewed via the Guerrilla Studios YouTube channel. 

Tune in