Cork songwriter Megan Ali brings a rich flavour of Blues, Folk and Pop with her debut single ‘Mystic Forest’..

The seed of ‘Mystic Forest’ germinated after a period of writer’s block and came to represent the journey, with all its ups and downs, of finding inspiration. ‘Mystic Forest’ is the story of hope amidst despair; how darkness seems to consume us and ultimately, the struggle to find our way. However, if we surround ourselves with good people, they light up our darkness. Of the track, Meghan Ali says: “We all have our demons and must work to open our own doors into the light.

From a young age, once guitar was in hand and the first strings plucked, melodies and concepts came naturally to Meghan. Reluctant to be defined by a specific genre, Meghan instead crafts her songs around people, places and life experiences making them instantly relatable.

Although the lyrics may set the scene, Meghan begins with the melody, describing it as the “seed from which the plant grows”. Although she frequently finds herself in the recording studio more so than on stage Meghan has performed her original material as support for the likes of Bagatalle & John Spillane and thread the boards of the INEC Kilarney.