Review by Gillian McGee

‘The Body’ is the the second single released from John Blek’s 2019 album ‘Thistle & Thorn’ and well it’s a thing of  considerable beauty. We are all told to listen to our bodies these days as therein lies our truth, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart and this song really brings that home.  

It’s a beautifully crafted  duet recorded in Kentucky and featuring Joan Shelly’s rich comforting voice. You find yourself drawn into this sad song of  a dying love, where as John explains his frequently visited character the man who hasn’t been enough asks for another chance. It’s all a bit heartbreaking especially when set against this emotive lullaby tune produced on the right level of perfectly created acoustic low-fi folk.  One of those play on repeat songs.

Gillian McGee is a singer and songwriter based in Cork. She performs with Twitch Jnr, follow them on FB @TwitchJnr