Review by Andy Flannery

As far as collaborations go, they are a mixed bag at best. Some will enhance the component parts and some will sully the name of all involved. Examples like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, Massive attack and Elizabeth Fraser, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, and Dr Dre on anyone’s track show the former. Where as Blue with Stevie Wonder, East 17 with Gabrielle and anything with Cardi B attached help to exemplify the latter.

For a collaboration to work at its best, it helps if the parties attached have something in common or at least a shared or even opposing quality that they can bring to the table. Something that can bind them together that will heighten the track to a level that is more then its component parts.

On “No One Is Any Fun”, All Tvvins second offering from their recently unveiled Sophomore album “Just To Exist” we have found a subtle gem. With the abundance of Sorcha Richardson on the track, the familiar duo of Lar and Conor are gaining more then just a 50% boost in personel.

As parties familiar with collaborations in the past, All involved have found kindred spirits in this piece. A more upbeat, Miami synth, with vintage Cafe del Mar vibe to the track that All tvvins do so well, similar in a sense to “ Infinite Swim” from there debut album “IIVV”. You can all but smell and the feel warm of the valves off the synth’s (I’m pretending they are all analog just to add to the authenticity the tune evokes). Given a wee break by the ridiculously multi-instrumental Lar and Conor are the Guitars and big drums, giving the marshmallow keys of the mini midi units time to shine. It’s a subtle yet multi layered landscape of soft and gently swaying beechside dune grass. A sound that leave you feeling the sun’s glow on your face and a cool breeze over your shoulders. As the track gradually build it hints at developing into a sound system explosion, but gratefully it is limited to a point of allowing the space created to envelop you like a borrowed hoodie.

Sorcha Richardson’s vocals, known for a somewhat understatement and inherent storytelling tombre bring a fitting presence to this picture. Sorcha’s Falsetto paired with Conor’s lower register are somewhat of a Harmony but sound to me more like the same voice singing at different stages of the day, and at differing intensity. It works immensely for the track and story being told of a simmering romance at the point that the rest of the world need not exist. 

After hearing This and previous release “Build a bridge” , we are in for an album in “Just To Exist” that may challenge “IIVV” as one of the best Irish album in a decade.

Andy Flannery is a Ballyfermot media production and music management graduate, NearFM Radio presenter and producer and 4 time runner up as “best grown up in his own house”