Blending a rich tapestry of Blues and Folk with a Pop sensibility Cork songwriter Meghan Ali has captivated a wide audience in Ireland, gaining praise for her catchy singles that explore the darker themes of self-doubt and addiction. Following the success of ‘Mystic Forest’ earlier in 2021 Meghan returns with another ear worm single with ‘Whiskey Neat’, out May 3, 2021.

‘Whiskey Neat’ sets the scene as we lie awake at night, restless and unable to turn our thoughts off. In a world where we are expected to be switched on 24/7, with social media pulling on our attention, work deadlines looming and anxiety levels through the roof we discover our addiction to meeting the demands set by society are harming us rather than aiding us. Meghan once again demonstrates her skilful song-writing with ‘Whiskey Neat’ as the dark theme is initially obscured by its upbeat tempo with the repetition of the bridge re-enforcing the message of the single.

In fact in ‘Whiskey Neat’ we find that sometimes these demands can be all too much to handle and can lead people to seek outlets in addiction in order to escape them. Speaking on the single Meghan says: “It gives us an insight into just how isolating and overwhelming the situation can be. Not just for the person directly suffering, but for all those on the outside who both love and care for them.”

From a young age, once guitar was in hand and the first strings plucked, melodies and concepts came naturally to Meghan. Reluctant to be defined by a specific genre, Meghan instead crafts her songs around people, places and life experiences making them instantly relatable.

Although the lyrics may set the scene, Meghan begins with the melody, describing it as the “seed from which the plant grows”. Although she frequently finds herself in the recording studio more so than on stage Meghan has performed her original material as support for the likes of Bagatalle & John Spillane and thread the boards of the INEC Kilarney.