Pontious Pilate and The Naildrivers, have been writing, performing and independently releasing their own music for a number of years now, to a loyal and growing audience. Now, in association with FIFA Records, comes their latest single ‘Own Your Spectrum’, taken from their full-length debut album due out later this year, “Kick The Megaphone”.

‘Own Your Spectrum’ is a heart stopping, floor stomping, smashing a bucket of ice cold water in your face, take on the internal arguments and conversations most everyone has, but not necessarily has the answers to. ‘Own Your Spectrum’ is about owning your own oddities and being okay with your own unanswered questions – stoic but not stupid, and sees the 9-piece outfit throw it straight into sixth and floor it. 

‘Kick the Megaphone’, which was recorded last year in Kitten Lane Studio’s and co-produced by the band themselves, has a mixture of styles from the raucous ska/punk energy the Naildrivers have become known for, to the R&B soulfulness of tunes like ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Daddy Say’s’, the stripped back rawness of vocal and guitar new track ‘Tragedy Plus Time’, to the quasi mariachi speed ballad of ‘Ring a Rosie’. 

Since its founding in 2005, Cork label FIFA Records have continuously worked with exciting new Irish talent (Fight Like Apes, Elastic Sleep, The Vincent(s), Hope is Noise, Dae Kim, Saint Yorda) as well as releasing material from established names on the Irish indie scene such as The Frank & Walters, Emperor of Ice Cream, August Wells, Whipping Boy and The Would Be’s.

As with all other musicians and performers, the loss of live shows has been unavoidable, but Pontious Pilate and The Naildrivers can look forward to an already sold-out, headline show in Dundalk’s The Spirit Store later this year. Frontman Sean McDonnell says: “Hopefully, all going well, there’ll be a few more opportunities to blow up the stage sooner rather than later.”