Ireland Music Week have announced the 50 acts that will showcase at IMW21, along with the first round of international delegates who will be speaking at the conference. 

 The festival made the annual call in June for artists to apply, and over 500 acts applied via First Music Contact’s platform Breaking Tunes. The acts were chosen independently by international industry professionals in the main.  

Ireland Music Week places a strong focus on export-ready artists with an increased success rate year on year. Bookers, labels, publishers, managers, agents, and many more international professionals have confirmed to virtually attend this annual showcase and conference, which is an essential step in any Irish acts development. 

The festival will be going ahead with the international-facing showcase and conference online in October 2021. The conference will take place across four days, with the music showcases taking place over three nights – Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th from 8pm. The showcases will be filmed in The Grand Social, Dublin. 

Angela Dorgan, CEO of First Music Contact, adds: “Selection for IMW is on most developing artists’  ‘to do’ list and brings with it opportunities to develop into international markets and networks. At FMC the artist is central to everything we do, we look forward to supporting the class of 2021 in as many ways as we can and give them the same international opportunities as artists have had before the pandemic”. 


Ireland Music Week Line-up 

Adam Garrett 




Black Pope 

Bobbi Arlo 

Cable Boy 


Chris Conroy 

Christian Cohle 

Christian Wethered 

Citrus Fresh 

Cooks But We’re Chefs 

D. McCabe 

Dea Matrona 



Emma Langford 


J Smith 

Joel Harkin 


Lauren Ann 

Loraine Club 


May Rosa 


Maria Kelly 

Míde Houlihan 

Mount Palomar 

Niamh Regan 

Odd Morris 


Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra 

Pretty Happy 

Rachel Grace 

Rebecca Locke 

Reuben Hester 



The Love Buzz 

The Nation Mourns 

The Zen Arcade 

Tolü Makay 


Tung in Cheek 

TV People 

Twin Diver 

Will Troy 


50 acts will have the chance to play and take part in this internationally-recognised event showcasing Ireland’s best emerging talent. 

As with so many other events in these pandemic times, IMW has adapted the event to suit current restrictions. With the stellar Tiny Ark on board to film the artists, there will be gigs taking place in various virtual rooms with plenty of opportunity for fan-interaction. Each act will have a 15-minute set and will keep their footage afterwards.  


Some of the delegates confirmed for the conference include: 


Clare McKinney (Domino publishing) / Robert Meijerink (ESNS) / Robin Murray (CLASH) / Jay Taylor (Prescription PR) / Debbie Ball (Create Spark) / Alim Kheraj i-D / Abbie McCarthy (BBC Radio) / Tara Richardson (Q Prime) / Marlon Burton (ATC) / Age Versluis (Friendly Fire) / Brendan Bourke (The Syn) / Marietta Ouzas (Sony) / Corinne Sadki (Le Bureau Export France) / Marie Fol (Keychange) / Ben Buchanan (CAA) / Dev Sherlock (SXSW) / Janet Lopez (Neophonic) / Chris Loomes (DFC, Scotland) / Ollie Rosenblatt (Senbla) / Mahmood Shaikh (Concerted Efforts) / Adam Ryan (The Great Escape) 


First Music Contact work with Irish acts from the very beginning of their professional careers. This annual showcase is an opportunity to offer Irish acts some vital exposure provided by the stellar mix of influential Irish and international delegates. FMC also run Music From Ireland, the Irish music export office. 


|| Ireland Music Week is supported by The Arts Council, Culture Ireland and CD Baby ||