Following up the success of his debut single ‘Still’ in 2020, rising Irish star EMMO (pronounced EM-MO) returns in 2021 with the joyful follow-up ‘Make You Mine’. 

Channelling the raw emotions that come with re-discovering love, ‘Make You Mine’ is an energetic, soulful and poignant ode to young romance. Recorded during lockdown, the single captures the slick production of an artist with ambition that retains the singer songwriter essence of EMMO’s roots. As a songwriter, EMMO draws from a diverse range of influences, however, it is the unique timbre of his voice that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. 

This is how EMMO found himself on the opening episode of the new BBC prime-time show ‘I Can See Your Voice’, aired on Saturday April 10th, 2021.  There is more to EMMO than meets the eye.

Of the single, EMMO says: “I wrote the song after I met someone that, surprisingly, reignited the rush of emotions one gets when they feel love for someone for the first time after a breakup, when I was convinced I wouldn’t feel it ever again. It captures the impulsivity and excitement you feel from a first love but also the wariness and apprehension you have from being ‘burnt’ before by an old love.”