Sara Ryan has shared the stage with some of Ireland’s most commended artists including Mick Flannery, Luka Bloom, The Stunning, Wyvern Lingo, Jack L and Wally Page. With that in mind, the creative maturity of Sara’s debut album Breathe, feels almost inevitable.

It’s latest offering is the haunting ‘Human’ a piece highlighing the core of what connects us all as people – the fact that we are not that different, we are all human. Of the single Sara says “This a song written about a man who I met in Cork City who didn’t have a roof over his head. The message of this song is based on how we are on the same, we are all human. Although our backgrounds may be different, our body and soul is no different from each other. I feel that this message is very fitting with the times are are living in at the moment. This pandemic is bringing us all back to the core of who we are and what we are – human”

‘Human’ is out now.