Folliwng several single releases Swimmers Jackson aka Niall Jackson will release his debut album Murmuration on May 8th.

The latest single from the album, a calming, melodic track called ‘Bliss’, was released in March of this year. A song about enjoying the simple things in life, it resonated with listeners across Ireland and the UK. Other tracks from the album that have been released including ‘Pain in the Heart’ and ‘Life’s Short (Embrace It)’

The album is a kaleidoscope of influences from the opening tracks heralding in a summer which we won’t get to see but is perfectly captured in the Bob Dylan/ 60’s folk tinged ‘Summer’s Herald’ and ‘Summer’s Here’. Which then transitions in to the Beach Boys/ psychedelic ‘Believe’. The perfectly titled ‘Life’s Short (Embrace it)’ is a welcome The Doors flashback. The folk guitar, nostalgic organ and reverb bring the themes into sharper focus; the trials of relationships, mental health and growing up. As the album progresses the sound gets heavier and moves a few decades forward with emo anthem ‘Birthday Girl’. If you listen to one thing today, make it this album, it’s a joy, made with love by someone who clearly has immersed themselves in music.

Of the album title, Swimmers Jackson (AKA Niall Jackson) says: “‘Murmuration’ is not only my favourite word in the English language, but also one of the most beautiful sights seen in the sky. The behaviour exhibited when a flock of starling are foraging or in flight sometimes feels like it echoes the coming together of all the different decisions we make in life, personally or musically.”

The beautiful artwork for ‘Murmuration’, an original painting, also by Jackson, perfectly captures the album’s mood of pausing to find joy in the everyday. 

Bandcamp are waiving their fees this Friday so go purchase this album and all proceeds will go to the artist!